Into the Woods

September 26, 2012

On Meena: H&M dress, Gap cardigan, Bakers heels, Target belt, Express bracelet, FE earrings
On Crystal:  Metro Park halter dress, Forever 21 platform sandals, Chloe sunglasses

It's definitely starting to feel more like fall, especially in this setting. The leaves are starting to change colors and there's a chill in the air. We decided to post together this week since our outfits were similar for once and we seem to coincidently have a theme of braids. 

I like to put my hair in a braid when I'm having a bad hair day, and what better way to show off your earrings. I keep reaching for this chunky cardigan now that it's cooling down. Its so warm and comfy and I make sure to roll up the sleeves to look casual and effortless. I often times like to take something dressy like a lace dress and dress it down with a casual sweater or shoes. I used to strongly dislike gold and brown accessories but since they are really in style this year, I'm now obsessed with brown leather and gold jewelry. They seem to go well together too. 

Crystal's neutral dress is very sparkly and has a slight metallic feel to it. I see a lot more dresses with interesting backs now and it's a great way to show some skin but not too much. The braided straps make this dress unique as well. Platform heels are an awesome way to add  funkiness to your outfit yet stay feminine. Not to mention adding a good 6 inches to your height!

- Meena

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