Sunday Morning Blues

October 21, 2012

On Meena: H&M shirt, H&M khakis, Target belt, Aldo bag, Paprika loafers, Casio watch
On Crystal: Gap sweater, miniskirt, knit scarf, Forever 21 heels, Tag Heuer watch

My boyfriend got me a nice camera for my birthday.. can you tell? :) Meena and I are having so much fun doing this blog together and we're really excited to be able to take blog-quality photos from now on. We chose this location because we liked the cool tunnel effect the blue bridge has on our pictures.

Meena is sporting a casual work outfit that you can wear to the office. It is simple, clean, and preppy. Her bag is simple and classic too and looks like the Longchamp bag, but she got it for only $10! She said it was the last one in stock so they gave her an additional discount. I personally love large bags because it allows you to bring a lot of things with you so you can be prepared for any situation.

I paired an oversized sweater and drapey scarf with a short skirt and tall heels to create a warm and comfortable look that is still cute, girly, and flirty. If I have on something revealing, I always balance it out with a more conservative piece.. gotta keep it classy. I got the floral skirt in Japan.. I love it because it always adds a feminine pop of color to my outfit. 

- Crystal


  1. You two are so gorgeous and I love that you've (unintentionally?) matched within the blue color family. Loving Meena's more androgynous laid-back look and digging Crystal's more flirty, feminine get-up! :)